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Artistic Vision & Curriculum Vitae

Various disciplines affect my work for Theatre. I consider myself to be an autonomous artist that uses different media to create my art. The grey area between these areas is where the magic happens. A painting that influences a certain set-design, by colour, motive or idea or a character-photograph that influences my brain to think about a character in a more definitive voice.
It’s necessary for me to engage in other activities that influence my design language.

Currently I’m a painter, a makeup artist, a dancer, and a photographer. I combine these disciplines in my work for theatre.

Painting allows me to visualise colour and shape. Which inspires me when designing a theatrical space. The visual information that I have gained through the painting of a glass for 2 years has taught me to see interesting composition and framing.

Being a makeup artist is an easier way to paint. All the lines are there, but it’s your choice what you highlight or adjust. It’s a really free way to experience design in a more constrained way. Because of those constraints I tend to cross boundaries and edges.

Dancing teaches me what the human body is capable of and what is interesting to see. It gives me an idea about how the body can and should move when inside a room. I use the information I learn through dancing in all my disciplines but more in photography where the persons posture or gesture is frozen in time and it still has to have the power to move you.

Photography remains for me the technical perfect discipline. Which allows me to create images that inspire my work in theatre to be non-perfect. I use it to carve out characters or use it as objects/design in my theatrical spaces as seen in some of my school projects.
Photography also enables me to create my own personal mood boards using my own work and not a derivative of someone else. I use it as a technique that’s both at the start of something and at the end.

Scenography is for me the discipline where I incorporate all of the above. It’s the assimilation of all my other disciplines influencing my spaces that make interesting designs. It’s my most conceptual work.

Timo Wolthof Creative Artist at Wolthof / (photo) visual theatre and makeup Artist
TPCM Wolthof

2013-2010. Toneel Academie Maastricht Bachelor of Design, Theatre Design, Grade: Bachelor
2010-2009. Academie Beeldende Kunsten Propedeuse, Beeldende Kunsten, Propedeutic
2009-2008. Advanced Makeup Artist Course @ Marlou Reijnders
2007-2009. Photography at stichting statief Utrecht
2008-2006. Leeuwenborgh MBO4, ICT

2013. Independent Visual Artist at Wolthof / (photo) visual theatre and makeup artist.
2013-2009. Freelance (Party)Photographer at WeAretheNight
2011. Jr. Theatre Designer at Theatergroep DOX
Creation and design of Scenic interpretation of the play: InDeWar Set-building and transportation.
In collaboration with: Sassan Saghar Yaghmai(choreography), Marina Schutte (designer), Guus van Geffen (Advisor and Lightdesigner), Aram Adriaansen (Director)

2010. Internship for ABKM at Basisschool St Aloysius
Assignment to plan and design a creative concept for the children to participate in. Educational design for teaching purposes and enable children to be creative in the constraints of fashion and educationConcept The Fabric Pizza's.: The children made in groups of 2 with fabric and everything they could glue, tack, knit, sew, cut, screw or tape in groups a Pizza slice. The slices where sewed together resembling their class in all it's creativity in one circular image.
2010-2008. Make-up Artist for Photography
2008. ICT-Intern at BCT January 2008 - September 2008 (9 months)
Internship for ICT_MBO4. Implementing and designing software systems and supporting users. Aided in creation of media for HR management-software and designed systems for unattended installation of user-devices.

-Test Scores
2012. Still Life Painting as part of curriculum Score:9/10
Graded by Anja Bayerwaltes
Life Drawing June 2012 Score:8
Life drawing Classes
2011. Opera History Score:9
Assignment: Design a set for an opera of choice and present your choice of opera including writer/music analysis and how that influences your set-design.
Opera: Einstein on the Beach, Phillip Glass Genre: Minimal-music

-Skills & Expertise

Microsoft Office
Graphic Design
Acrylic Painting
Ballroom Dance
Latin Dance
Fashion Photography
Commercial Photography
Technical Photography Assisting

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