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REFERENCE video #1: Der Ring des Nibelungen by La Fura del Baus
Global Analysis:
The scenic design consists of a room that is designed specifically to be projected in. The projection comes from a projector behind the screen, thus minimizing shadows. This enables actors to stand and be supported by structures real close to the backdrop. The backdrop is illuminated by the moving image and implies in some cases an internal journey of a character. By raising structures above the playing level and letting actors play in mid-air in front of the projection it has more power over the actors in question. Rather peculiar because it has no inherent reason to be more believable. Something that I noted is the futuristic images used and the use of actors in water in projection #4. This gives a very special effect because the projection simulates the feeling the actors in the water are going to have. In this way the experience of the actor is visualised by a passive projection which therefore implies an effect on the audience.

Specific analysis:
Source material 1:

In this scene the projection does not have the aforementioned ‘quality’. From 00:00 till 2:00 there is no interaction between actor and projection. The light does change after 2 minutes making the room as gold as the projection that previously was shown. It’s an inversion in spatial sense.

Source material 2:

This scene consists again out of elevated actors on a platform/cage with a traveling 3D backdrop. This backdrop design suggests the movement of actors in a space or in ‘space’. The effect of this projection is the feeling that the actors themselves are moving and thus experiencing. However used in an abstract way, the feeling this provokes is a very real traveling feeling.

Source material 3:

This is the end scene of this Opera. The scene almost completely exists without projection save a small part at the end where the projection illuminates the side walls. By using this as a subtle way of lighting it’s only intended as mood/light. it has no effect whatsoever on the actors, mainly because they should and are focused on the rest of the design. The rest of the design consists in this scene of 20 people hanging in the air in their costumes. They are illuminated by strong sidelight.

General Comments:
Very well executed projection because it stays with one idea that is congruent with the image that is presented in the whole play. The projection is there to influence the viewer to feel with actors and to provide a strong narrative to the costumes. By using such elaborate costumes and posing (structures in the air, and suspension of actors in mid air.) the projection feels like a essential part of this production. I’m also very certain that this visual style has been in the design process from the start and not later ‘added in’. This can be seen in the way the costumes inspire the viewer to believe what happens in the projection. So a very impressive use of projecting moving images. The effect of suspension in mid-air and then a 3D travelling projection is very interesting.

This is a short analyis of this opera by La Fura del Baus and the usage of projections. Do you agree with me? Or have a different opinion I would like to know. I'm writing this for my final thesis. This work would otherwise be left unused and I'd like to let people read it.

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Door Tweakers user Dooievriend, zaterdag 27 april 2013 12:58

Eigenlijk wel boeiend. Waar de mainstreamcultuur spectaculair en meeslepend entertainment voortbrengt, is het soms ook interessant eens naar de wat zweverige "kunst met een grote K" te kijken. Zangeressen in een aquarium voor een projectie, WTF :D

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Door Tweakers user Timo, zaterdag 27 april 2013 12:59

:D ik was vooral verbaasd over het effect dat je krijgt als je in mid-air hangt als acteur en er achter je een 'zoomend' effect geprojecteerd wordt.

Blijkbaar zijn we dan zo visueel ingesteld dat we dan direct accepteren dat die beweging plaats vind.

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