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Door Timo op zaterdag 27 april 2013 12:33 - Reacties (2)
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REFERENCE video #2:

First example of a actor-driven projection. The scenic design consists of a projection panel that is being projected on from the front. Entire performance is based upon actions and specific details that the actor is required to perform. The interesting thing is the effective use of shadows as an advantage and possibly as ‘positioning’ point for the software that interprets the actors movement.

This projection keeps the actor and projection interconnected. on a very high level. Even the use of ‘fake’ persona’s is used effectively to give the actor a image to combat. I like the change of visual style which further enhances the viewers pleasure by changing the projection very fast every time initiated by the actor.

By using the actor to initiate the fast interactions it almosts seems like 2 way communication. This is something I think is very important because it gives the projection the quality of an 'actor'

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Door Tweakers user eL_Jay, zaterdag 27 april 2013 12:43

So you are saying this is non-scripted?
To me it seems like the actor just needs to get the timing right.
Nevertheless looks cool :)

Door Tweakers user Timo, zaterdag 27 april 2013 12:53

Yes I think the shadow projected behind the actor (because of the position of the beamer) indicates that that point is used by 3D cameramapping and animation techniques.

nevertheless, technique does not matter. But it's great to see this form of projection.

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